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Will you answer the call?

King Seprim, Sovereign of the Three Hold of Umeria and the Isle of Nine, has sent urgent request to the chosen. You have been hand selected to take on a quest to save the world. The signs discovered by the Seekers of Silvanus have come to fruition. Make haste to Castle Eldwin where your fate shall be laid out before you! The time to fulfill the Prophecy is upon us. We must each do our part or this world shall fall into darkness.

In this 5E D&D custom campaign, religion has just returned to the world after neigh a century. Little is known why the Gods have returned (or why they left in the first place), for when they vanished from the world it put an end to the period known as “The Time of Troubles”. This was a thousand year war among Gods and their followers that began with The Great Reckoning when Krasus’s made his ascension. The rift caused by his acent nearly tore the world apart and it was only with Mystryl sacrificing herself that the rift was repaired.

Now the chosen Five must navigate this new world to fulfill the Prophecy, gathering the three sacred relics in the place of hiding, in order to stop the world from being consumed by evil…but will they be able to make the Great Choice when the time comes?

Home Page

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